API documentation

Build an integration with the Bakeronline software by using our API. A quick overview of what you can do with our API:

The API is split up in two parts: company and customer. The company api is to make changes to your shops, view all orders in your shops and do all the things a company needs to do to manage their webshops. The customer API lets consumers interact with the webshops and place orders, manage their account, settings and orders.


To access certain endpoints, authentication is needed. Authentication is managed with the oAuth2 specification on the accounts.bakeronline.be server. All auth related endpoints (including the documentation) are located on that domain, not on the current domain. You can read more about domains on the domain documentation page.


We are happy to help you if you might have any trouble implementing the API in your system. You can contact us at simon@localtomorrow.be.

1.9.0 stable