Company API

The company api is to make changes to your shops, view all orders in your shops and do all the things a company needs to do to manage their webshops.

Companies and shops

Every user can own multiple companies on Bakeronline. First they register an account on our website, and after that our support team creates a company for them via our private dashboard.

Once they have a company attached to their account, they will be able to create new shops for their company. By default their shop will be inactive and invisible on the website. The support team is the only one for now that can activate shops.

For development you can ask us to create a company and shops for your account to get started with creating your integration.


Products always have to be in a category, so you have to create a category first before you can create a product.

Categories are always assigned to a company and can be available in multiple shops of the same company. That makes it easy to share the same products in multiple webshops. You can create a new category and after that update the shop to add the category to that shop and sort them the way you want.

Category groups

Added in version 0.3.0

When a shop has a lot of categories, it might be better to group categories. You can set the category groups of a shop, to group categories together.


Products can only be in one category at the same time, so you have to create it inside a category by setting the category_id property. You can make a product inactive to hide it in the webshop.

Price types

A product has a price type that defines the price calculations and the way consumers can order the product. More information about price types.

Option sets

Added in version 0.1.3

Option sets group options that can alter the price of a product. E.g. you can create an option set 'do you want your bread sliced', that may contain the options 'yes' and 'no (€0.10 discount)'.

You can add option sets for a company. They are shared between all the shops of a company and you can add them to multiple products by setting the option_set_ids property of a product. After creating an option set, you can create new options in the option set. Set the price_change property of an option if you want to alter the price when the consumer selected an option.

Uploading images

Added in version 0.3.0

Since version 0.3.0 it is now possible to upload images for various entities:

Creating and updating entities simultaneously

Added in version 0.3.0

The possibility to create and update products in bulk has been introduced.

Still work in progress

Some features in the webshop are not yet available in the API. We are still planning to add these features to the API. If you would like to use one of the following features in your integration, please contact us and we'll increase the priority of the feature.

Feature Description
Add warranty Set a warranty price for a product that consumers will have to pay, but will get reimbursed when they return the item.
Manage promotions Add temporary discounts for products (e.g. 'black friday' sales).
Manage coupon codes Add codes that consumers will be able to use to get a discount.
Manage shop opening hours, pickup hours and delivery hours Set the days and time during which users are able to pickup orders and when it is possible for orders to get delivered.
Set the days when a product is available Specify a product is only available on given weekdays (e.g. only on Sunday).
Availability periods Set a period in which specific products or categories are unavailable or available.
Holiday periods and adjusted opening hours/takeout hours/delivery hours Add temporary exceptions to the opening hours, takeout hours or delivery hours of a shop.
Messages for orders It is possible to respond to a order on both the consumer and shop side.
Version update available Please adjust your integration to the latest stable version (1.9.0)
1.5.0 stable