A category group groups multiple categories of a shop. These categories will be displayed on the webshop in a group. You can include the same categories in multiple groups. If a category is not inside a group, it will get displayed at the bottom of the webshop. If a shop doesn't have a lot of categories, it might be better to not define any groups.

Field Type Description
name [Language: String] Name of the category group
active Bool Set active status of category group
category_ids [Int] Category IDs that are children to this category group
uuid String Optional. A unique ID for this category group. You can choose your own ID's as long as they are unique within a shop. If you don't set an ID, we will generate a UUID.


Example 1

    "name": {
        "nl": "string"
    "active": true,
    "category_ids": [
    "uuid": "string"
Version update available Please adjust your integration to the latest stable version (1.5.2)
1.5.0 stable