Delete an option set

DELETE /company/optionsets/@id



This endpoint requires authentication.

Header Value
Authorization Set the value to Bearer + + access_token

URL parameters

Replace the @ keywords in the URL with their corresponding value.

A dictionary with fields

Field Type Description
id Int ID of the option set you want to delete

Example request 1 Delete an option set

DELETE /company/optionsets/8495 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer 0b5c23666e00c64ded34ff72d8d99e0e2195b186f5e44e47d1268993a5d4524f242be690603abbde09b584a7824159d12a027471c74b9248e724903223faf0ebd364417a8fdb0bdcccaf2023660cc07d44cb24510d650e156fcf0aa0871bb5226cb35995
X-VERSION: 1.5.0
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5


Example response 1 Delete an option set

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
Version update available Please adjust your integration to the latest stable version (1.5.2)
1.5.0 stable