Get information about an option set

GET /company/optionsets/@id



This endpoint requires authentication.

Header Value
Authorization Set the value to Bearer + + access_token

URL parameters

Replace the @ keywords in the URL with their corresponding value.

A dictionary with fields

Field Type Description
id Int ID of the option set you want to return

Example request 1 Retrieve optionset

GET /company/optionsets/446 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer 93292d4d2f913aae9af4245a9c9f4e486cee9fdd8860c6c85d28299e86036d26b9d4cca821f3fc58276c1d9f9a7de9fb993f93dfef0d2beb338050ac5b6bd847e320c8314a86d72e6be365146d0cf78cb9287f2dc7042f6fb31022831113ab04a90e027e
X-VERSION: 1.5.0
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5


Field Type Description
name [Language: String] Name of the option set
allow_attachment Bool Allow the attachment of a picture to this option set
options [company.Option] Array of company.Option
id Int Id of the option set
code String? Nullable. Your own ID or key that you can associate with an option set

Example response 1 Retrieve optionset

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 556

    "id": 446,
    "name": {
        "nl": "Do you want your bread sliced?"
    "allow_attachment": false,
    "code": null,
    "options": [
            "id": 1564,
            "name": {
                "nl": "No thank you"
            "price_change": 28,
            "code": null,
            "order": 1
            "id": 1565,
            "name": {
                "nl": "Yes please"
            "price_change": 498,
            "code": null,
            "order": 2
1.5.0 stable